We’re Amped-Up for Summer—and Entertaining Outdoors!

We don’t want to jinx anything or tempt fate, but at this point it seems safe to say that we’ve left this year’s winter weather in the rearview mirror. Good riddance. With everything that we’ve all been through this year, it’s no surprise that some of us are chomping at the bit to get to summer already.

Well, it’s almost here. And when it arrives, you want to be prepared.

We’re not talking about stocking up on sunscreen and working off the winter lbs., either. We’re talking about making your home the place to be for outdoor entertainment. Whether just for your family’s movie night or for a safe, relaxing gathering, Atlantic AV has the outdoor A/V equipment that you need to make your dreams come true.

Can’t I Just Wheel Out the Old TV?

No one is stopping you from making do with what you have. But there are a few reasons why we strongly recommend that homeowners consider installing a true outdoor entertainment system. Each of these factors can really make or break things in terms of how much entertainment you’re actually getting from your entertainment equipment!


There are some good bluetooth speaker products out there. And you may have space to hang that old TV that’s been sitting in the basement since your fancy 4K upgrade. But setting those things up and dealing with connection issues, glare, weather conditions, and everything else is really going to be a headache. Our outdoor audio and visual products are more convenient by far. They’re made for this exact purpose.


We touched on it above, but you’re going to get a much better performance from audio and visual equipment that is designed for the outdoor environment. You won’t have to worry about crackling audio as someone moves the phone too far from the speaker. You won’t have to worry about tinny speakers that leave you craving a subwoofer. You’ll have the right equipment installed by the right people: our experts!


Nobody buys a speaker to look cool, right? Okay, some people definitely buy speakers to look cool. But that’s okay! This stuff is meant to be fun, and aesthetics are part of it. We’re not talking about the cool factor necessarily, though. We’re talking about equipment that fits the environment. There are top of the line speakers out there that look like natural rocks to blend into the environment, for instance. And whatever equipment you choose, you’ll have a clean install with no ugly, exposed wiring or fixtures when you work with Atlantic AV.

Cool Products for Summer Days—From the Hottest Names in Outdoor Entertainment

If you know anything about Atlantic AV, you know that we take sound and video seriously. That means we’re committed to working with the best brands in the industry. Even within the industry, though, different manufacturers have different areas of expertise and focus. That’s why we’ve taken it upon ourselves to round up some of the finest options out there when it comes to outdoor-specific A/V equipment. Our favorites include:

Photo Source: Coastal Source

Coastal Source

Coastal Source promises to “defy the elements,” and that’s just what their outdoor line of speakers does. Their selection of Ellipse Bollards and Bollard Subwoofers are designed to hide within the landscape while also looking gorgeous if installed out in the open—and the sound can’t be beat. They can be installed above-ground or in-ground to suit your taste and the demands of your property.

Photo Source: TruAudio


If you’re looking for options, you don’t need to look any further than TruAudio. They have something for everyone, from their Ultrascape Series and in-ceiling offerings to a wide array of subwoofers and landscape speakers—including the aforementioned rock-shaped models. These are anything but a novelty, and TruAudio stands as one of the premier manufacturers of outdoor audio equipment.

Photo Source: Seura Outdoor TVs

Seura Outdoor TVs

There is a big chasm between a high-end television and a television designed for outdoor use. Even the best TV on the market won’t perform well when it’s taken out of its intended element. That’s why we’re proud to offer Seura outdoor televisions. These products are weatherproof. They have models for both shady and sunny areas. They manufacture mounts intended for outdoor use, too. Don’t abuse an indoor TV. Invest in an outdoor model that will deliver on even the highest expectations.

We’ve got more to offer than we can cover in this post, so be sure to give us a call if you have any questions or had a specific piece of equipment in mind.

Contact Atlantic AV to get the outdoor A/V experience that you deserve!

At Atlantic AV, we don’t do “off the shelf.” We work with our customers to figure out how much they want to spend, what their priorities are, and what specs their use demands. We work with customers through every step of the process to ensure their complete satisfaction.

So get out there this summer, enjoy the patio, relax in the yard, and do not compromise when it comes to your entertainment systems. There’s no reason why your audio and visual systems should be downgraded just because you’re out of the house!