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HOME AUTOMATION IS THE ULTIMATE WAY TO ELEVATE YOUR HOME AND LIFESTYLE, AND NOBODY OFFERS THIS LUXURY BETTER THAN ATLANTIC AV. The modern smart home ensures your family's safety and comfort, with music, video, lights, climate, and security systems becoming more intelligent and easily operated from smartphones, tablets, keypads, or wall-mounted touch panels. With a button, you can lock doors, lower shades, set the alarm, play your favorite music, or create a soothing ambiance for entertaining from any area within your home. Surveillance cameras can be accessed from your mobile device; you can even unlock the door or adjust the temperature remotely. At Atlantic AV, we're all about seamless technology, delivering a well-designed home automation system that makes your daily life easier, more practical, phenomenally relaxing, and comfortable.


Atlantic AV provides and installs high-quality Lutron shades, offering various fabrics and colors that blend elegance with ease of functionality. Paired with the Control 4 Home Automation system, lowering and raising your shades is simple and can be done from your phone, tablet, or wall control. Automated shades reduce glare, maintain views, add UV protection, and enhance privacy in your home.



Lighting creates a joyful, healthy, and secure household. Our intelligent lighting solutions enhance the attractiveness of your space, reinforce security, and regulate energy usage. With a single touch on your phone or tablet, you can create an ideal lighting atmosphere for any activity, whether watching a movie, cooking, entertaining, or relaxing. You can also remotely turn off unattended lights after leaving the house.



Create the sanctuary you deserve with distributed audio integrated throughout your home. Enjoy the comfort and convenience of modern technology as you listen to music on your porch, audiobooks in bed, or the big game around the house during a party. Control 4 Automation systems enable simple control of your electronics in various rooms, ensuring a pleasing ambiance with architectural and invisible speakers built into walls and ceilings.



Home security is a top priority, and Atlantic AV helps protect your family and belongings with keyless door locks, automated garage door systems,and surveillance cameras. Our home automation system, integrated with Control 4, offers premium features and the convenience of unlocking doors remotely, granting access to guests, babysitters, or tenants. Security is enhanced with Zigbee wireless communications.



Introducing Josh, the voice-controlled home automation system that effortlessly connects and controls many luxury innovative home products you use daily. With natural language voice commands, you can interact with Josh, like speaking to a family member or friend. From adjusting lights to watching your favorite show, Josh.ai supports your preferences and respects your privacy. It's a powerful tool for energy savings, home security, lighting, and home entertainment. With Atlantic AV, embrace the future of smart home living and experience our cutting-edge technology's seamless integration and convenience.

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“Great experience buying a hi-fi stereo setup from these guys. They have some really beautiful systems and they helped me find something that fit my budget. They have so much cool stuff - TV's, projectors, speakers, home automation stuff. I'll definitely be going back anytime I need to upgrade anything electronic in my house.”
— Oren B.