Get Your Big Screen TV Squared Away in Time for Game Day

This is a special time of the year here in New England. Before you know it, the air is going to be crisper than it’s felt in a while. The leaves will really start to pop off. And the NFL season will be in full swing.

The Pats may have kicked off the season already, but there’s still plenty more football to come. If you aren’t able to enjoy the game at home because of your viewing experience, it’s time to give us a call. From the best big screens on the market to home theater projection screens, Atlantic AV has what you need to host the perfect sporting event in the comfort of your own house.

Now, more than ever, being able to enjoy a sports bar experience without leaving the house is an opportunity you cannot pass up.

Which TV or Home Theater Projection Screen Is Right for Me?

If you’re looking for a new media room TV or a home theater projection screen, the answer is – it all depends. There are plenty of big box stores that can sell you a decent TV to set up on your entertainment system. If you’re really looking to create an incredible viewing experience in your house, though, you need to consult with the experts.

It’s all about finding the right TV or home theater projection screen for your space. Bigger isn’t always better, so don’t let some kid at the electronics shop try to upsell you. But also don’t sell yourself short. After we evaluate your space, we may be able to offer recommendations that will help you get more screen into your space than you’d anticipated.

Which Big Screen TV Brand Is Best?

Again, a big box store might spout off some names to sell you whatever they have in stock. It’s not as simple as saying “brand x, y, or z is definitively the best.” It comes down to which TV or projection screen is best for your space and best for your budget.

That said, we absolutely recommend Samsung, Sony, and LG televisions. If you’re in the market for a home theater projection screen, Sony and LG in particular excel in that area.

In addition to the TV or projection screen itself, you’ll also want to consider any audio equipment you might want to upgrade, including a surround sound receiver and speakers. Whether you’re a football fanatic or you’re waiting for the hockey season to get going, you want to immerse yourself in the action. That’s what a great audio and visual setup has to offer.

Which Tools Do I Need Handy to Install It?

Once you’ve found the perfect big screen TV or home theater projection screen for your individual needs, the last thing you want is to compromise its performance or your enjoyment of it with a shoddy installation. That’s why the only tool you should have handy for your installation is the telephone or your computer. Because you should be contacting Atlantic AV to ask about our white glove installation services.

If you live within our service area in Massachusetts, Coastal New Hampshire, Maine, or South Eastern Wisconsin, then leave the installation to us. We appreciate a good DIY project as much as anyone, but the best DIY enthusiasts are those that understand when it pays to hire the pros. You don’t want ugly wiring issues or off-kilter installations ruining your game day viewing parties, right?

At Atlantic AV, We Know Seeing Is Believing

We’re not going to pretend that we can paint a vivid picture of what a Samsung big Screen or an LG projector can really do for you. The good news is, we don’t have to. That’s what our top of the line product showroom is for. Why tell you, when we can show you?

Our showroom is nearly 6,000 square feet in size, and is packed with everything you need to better understand what a truly outstanding audio visual experience looks like. Located at 121 Orion Street in Brunswick, ME, a trip to our showroom allows visitors to experience high end audio and a home theater experience in person. Our top brands are on display, and we’re excited to share our passion for big screens, home theater systems, and everything else A/V related with you.

Don’t let another sports season pass you by. Make your game day dreams a reality.

Different customers have different budgets, spaces, and desires to work with. Atlantic AV delivers what other businesses can’t. A fully customized experience with just one goal – your complete satisfaction. From the thrill of the Super Bowl to watching the boys of summer slug it out on the baseball diamond, we’ve got what you need to enjoy the sports of your choice to the fullest. Get in touch today.


Images borrowed from Qmotion Shades.